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EQF Hash Power C2C transaction service agreement


"EQF Hash Power C2C transactionService Agreement" (hereinafter referred to as "this agreement") is < /span>EQF.com (www.eqf.com) (hereinafter referred to as "this website") supplement to the user agreement , Applicable to the C2C transaction (https://www.eqf.com/c2c) service of this website. The user agreement and other terms of this website continue to apply to all users of this website. Before you proceed to the next step through this website, please read carefully and thoroughly understand this agreement. If you proceed to the next step through this website, or use the C2C transaction service in any way, you are deemed to have read, understood and agreed to this agreement. This agreement can be modified, changed or updated by this website at any time without prior notice to you. You should check frequently to confirm that your understanding of this agreement is timely and accurate. After the effective date of any modification, change or update, if you continue to choose to use any service on this website, it is deemed that you have accepted the newly modified, changed or updated agreement. All content on this website is provided for the convenience of users and provides multiple language versions. In case of conflicts or omissions, the Chinese content shall prevail.


1. Definition

1.1 C2C transaction: EQF.com established a service about Hash Power individualstrading services, you can visit C2C transaction page creates a sell/buy order for selling/buying Hash Power, and concludes a transaction with the intended counterparty to meet the needs of users to exchange Hash Power. All users must ensure that the source of funds for C2C transactions is legal and reliable.

1.2 C2C transaction rules: including user agreements, C2C transaction rules and other agreements or terms, rules, implementation rules, product process descriptions, announcements, etc. that have been published and subsequently published on all this website and C2C transaction pages.

1.3 Hash rate:(also known as hash rate) is Bitcoinand other blockchain technology applicationsThe unit of measurement of network processing power. is the Hash Power per second of decentralized computing equipment. Including but not limited to (BTC, ETH, LTC) and other proof-of-work mechanisms (POW) digital asset operations.


Second, Using specifications and requirements

2.1 You should ensure that you have the right to publish the Hash Power you intend to sell on the C2C transaction page or the payment you intend to purchase, and you must not sell or buy information that is not related to Hash Power on the C2C transaction page. Your behaviors such as selling or purchasing information and publishing information shall comply with the requirements of relevant laws and regulations of your sovereign country or region and C2C transaction rules, comply with public order and good customs, and shall not infringe the legitimate rights and interests of any third party.

2.2 Through the C2C transaction service provided by this website, if you publish a buy or sell advertisement, or you accept a buy or sell order from another user, it means you< /span>Agree and accept the price or quantity shown on the buy or sell order. Once you create or accept it, the transaction price is locked, and neither the buyer or the seller can change or add any additional fees in this transaction. Throughout the transaction process, the Hash Power involved in the transaction order will be managed by this website until the seller confirms the receipt of the full payment and confirms the collection operation on the C2C transaction page.

2.3 You should follow the seller’s instructions inC2Ctransactioncolumnprovide you with valid payment details to complete the payment. The payment method is between you and the transaction party without going through this website, including but not limited to online bank transfer, Alipay, WeChat transfer,USDT transfer span> and so on to complete the payment behavior. Transaction disputes arising from payment channels other than the payment methods provided by the C2C transaction service on this website have nothing to do with this website, and this website will not bear any form of responsibility.

2.4 When you sell or buy Hash Power on the C2C transaction page, you must carefully confirm the type, price, quantity, payment requirements, amount and other important matters of the Hash Power sold or purchased, and before closing the transaction Verify the account information of you or the counterparty, the payment account and other information. If the receiving account or payment account you filled in is not owned by you, you shall bear full responsibility for the legal consequences of this behavior. Your relationship with the owner of the receiving account has nothing to do with this website.

2.5 You should maintainC2Ctransactionscolumns< span> The order of healthy competition in the market, do not demean or slander competitors, do not interfere with any transactions and activities on this website, do not use any improper way to improve or attempt to improve your own credit, do not interfere or try in any way Interfere with the normal operation of this website.

2.6 If any of your behavior on the C2C transaction page disrupts or will disrupt the normal transaction order of the transaction service, based on the need to maintain C2C transaction order and transaction security, this website has the right to close the relevant transaction order, Measures such as restricting the use of accounts.

2.7 You should abide by the principle of good faith, ensure that the information you publish is legal and compliant, true and effective, and earnestly fulfill your transaction promises during the transaction process.

2.8 You should pay taxes in accordance with the laws and regulations of your country or region.


3. Expenses

3.1 This website provides you with C2CThe charging standards for transaction services, please refer to the "C2C transaction platform service rate description" .


4. Dispute handling of Hash Power transaction

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